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  • Philipp

motivation - a thought that keeps you motivated through hard times

Everyone of us repeatedly comes to a point where we question what we are doing.

Am I still on the right track? Is this still what I want to do?

It might be that you cannot see any progress in your performance - maybe you lost the qualification for a big event, you are having trouble with your teammate or you are unsure if you should focus more on your studies and job. I am 100% sure we all have these moments.

In my opinion it is a good thing though to have to these moments. They help us verify wether we are on the right path or not. These moments are a test for us!

- is my fire is still burning for the goals I've set?

- am I able to get up again, grow stronger and fight for my dreams?

Also it gives us reference to where we stand in our personal development process.

Life is always a cycle, which can be displayed in a sinus. There are always ups and downs. So if we are on a low and we realize that, it is much easier to keep a positive mindset and start over into a new peak.

Here is a thought that might help you to regain your confidence in difficult times and keeps you moving forward.


No matter if you are a young sailor sailing optimist or already at olympic level, think back to the time in high school. How many kids in your class, in your whole school had the chance to do something they really love next to their school lessons? Something that gave them the will to perform in school and their hobby?

When I remember the time back at high school I was the only one in my class getting extra days off for sports (and I had around 40 f them year!).

[This does not mean that your grades in school are lower. For me it was the opposite. I was only able to take the days off with good grades so I finally had a good reason to study for my exams!]

In fact my brother and I were the only sailors out of almost a 1000 students. In total there were only three kids into professional sports in my school at that time. I’m pretty sure that your situation is/was almost the same.

Don’t you think what you do is very special and exclusive !?

In 2017/18 we had 8,3 million students and only around 1000 kids sailing Optimist in Germany at regattas every year.

Don’t you think what you do is very special and exclusive?

I know that you might be from another country maybe even from a nation where sailing is very big like GBR, AUS or NZL but from what I learned over the last ten years, even in these nations being a top athlete in sailing is something special.

Just check the web for the numbers of your country, I guess you will be surprised!

Still not convinced what you are doing is a privilege?

Ok, let’s take this thought to a higher level, Olympic sailing, these numbers are even more impressive. To be honest I didn’t find exact numbers on how many regatta sailors we have world wide but let’s guess about four to five million. So when you get to Olympic level there are about 400-500 professional sailors around. Imagine! 500 out of 5 million!!

And I didn’t mention the 7.7 billion people that live on this planet yet!

WHAT YOU DO IS VERY SPECIAL AND EXCLUSIVE always remember that, keep going with a smile!

I think if you have the chance to do sailing as a professional sport, no matter if you are still in school or trying to qualify for the Olympics, you can and should be very thankful for the chance you are given.

it’s a privilege. 

keep going, keep growing and keep smiling.